3 Things You Need To Know About byte

Commonly used to refer to a unit of data, the term ‘byte’ is now being used as the name of the reboot of the now defunct video sharing platform, Vine. 

Officially launching in 2013 before sadly shutting down in 2017, Vine was known for its six second looping videos that showcased the rise of comedians, Vine stars, dance challenges, and new music.

Launched in January this year  and designed by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann, this new platform, byte, takes a swing at the video sharing platform market.

Six Second Videos

byte focuses on the creation and delivery of content that is quick to deliver the punchline, and easy to watch. To facilitate this, the creators have implemented a strict six second time limit for each video.

Compared to TikTok’s 15 second and 60 second time limits, byte’s six second limit may seem restricting. But in doing so, byte’s creators are hoping that this will significantly reduce the amount of filler content present on the app, instead focusing only on delivering high quality content.

Partner Program

It’s often debated that one of the main reasons why Vine failed was due to its lack of monetisation. byte attempts to remedy this issue with its official byte Partner Program.

This program aims to compensate creators within the Partner Program every 30 days based on the amount of views they receive for the videos they created during this period.

In addition, the platform was built with creators in mind, and as a result, during its pilot phase 100% of the platform’s ad revenue will go to creators through the Partner Program.


TikTok’s discover page is populated by current and trending hashtags, showcasing relevant videos within each category in addition to current ‘challenges’ present on the platform.

byte’s discover page provides viewers with popular and trending content, similar to TikTok, as well as different categories of content such as comedy, art, pets, or chill.

Download it for iOS or Android.

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