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Perth Ecommerce Social Media - SCHUMI Case Study

Get More Sales with The Wonder Co Ecommerce Social Media Plan

Do you operate a local Ecommerce Store in Inglewood?  

Did you know that meaningful social media can both drive more sales and repeat customers to your Ecommerce site?

Our Perth ecommerce social media marketing team have driven up sales and profits for multiple ecommerce operations.

We have delivered many effective social media marketing strategies and implementation plans for a wide range of Inglewood Ecommerce businesses targeting their local area and surrounding suburbs to grow sales.

How we help Ecommerce Business's grow sales

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Inglewood Ecommerce Social Media

How to create a social media ecommerce strategy?

  1. Use Meta to set up product listings so that you can start tagging your images in your posts. These products can still link off site to your main website for ease of integration. Clicking on the tagged product will lead you to the product’s website page for you to purchase.
    The browser pops up within Instagram so when you close out or finish your purchase, you can go right back to browsing.
  2. Find your authentic voice & be unique. Unless your the first on a trend it is difficult to stand out based on your product alone you need a authentic and unique voice. So how do you set yourself apart when the field is so crowded? – Our team will help you find your brands authentic voice and assist in you sticking to that in posts.
  3. Use organic and paid strategies. On social media, a combination of organic and paid strategies is usually the preferred way to go. Paid social media can help you reach an even wider audience—but your organic content is what’s going to keep them coming back.
  4. Use social listening, for sales specifically, you can use social listening to identify gaps in your competitor’s strategy and see what your industry’s customers are talking about. These discussions can lead to new products, strategies and better customer service.
  5. Use analytics to help guide your next move. As mentioned above social listing can help, but along site this you should have some kind of analytics program in place on your website to help measure your website click, profile visits ,social shares and mentions. This can all help you to understand and improve your sales.

To make sure you have all the right tools in your arsenal, talk to our team today. We will help your online presence, market to the right audience and keep an eye on your social media analytics, to drive sales of your product.

Case Study: SCHUMI!


$6.32 ROI in sales for every advertising dollar spent within 3 months.

Ad Set Budget Results Reach Impressions Cost per result Amount spent
New Traffic Ad Set - LED $1,400.00 3,274 ^ 89,372 156,218 $0.32 ^^ $1,034.82
New Traffic Ad Set $1,400.00 3,718 ^ 100,768 187,585 $0.28 ^^ $1,031.96
Total 6,992 161,309 343,803 $0.30 $2,066.78

^1 Link Clicks. ^^ Per Link Click.

Total Sales


How we help your local Inglewood business grow their social media

Our social media marketing services:

  • Social Media Content Calendar 2024: Take the time and research out of your social writing. Full of all the key dates for the year, plus other content ideas, our Social Media Content Inspiration Calendar will enable you to write your captions quickly and easily, and never miss a key date.
  • Instagram Story Highlights Covers: original designs with your input for your Instagram Story Highlight Covers.
  • Instagram Grid Post Templates: We’ll design a range of compelling on brand design templates for your Instagram grid posts, so your grid is looking glam. Our designs are made from scratch in Adobe, then imported into Canva for you to edit and update forever more, for free.
  • Instagram Social Templates: Keep it consistent! We’ll design a range of compelling on brand design templates for your Instagram grid and story posts, plus covers for your Instagram highlights so your ‘Gram is looking glam. 

You don’t have to commit to the financial burden of a full-time social marketing manager in-house to make sure you have an effective marketing strategy. With The Wonder Co joining your business you’ll benefit from drawing on our whole team’s knowledge across branding, social media marketing, and PR disciplines, for less than you would spend on one marketing employee in-house.

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