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One top social media marketing tip for your Viveash Business

Do you operate a local business in Viveash?  

Did you know that meaningful social media can both drive more new clients and repeat business to you when executed well.  

We have delivered many effective social media marketing strategies and implementation plans for a wide range local Perth businesses targeting their local area and surrounding suburbs.

So if your business is in Viveash then read on about how to tag properly when posting. 

How we help local businesses attract new local customers

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Tagging Your Social Media With Local Suburbs

When many local companies post, they forget the most important task and that is to tag their posts.  Tagging works as a way to search engine optimise your listings in the social media platforms. This  drives posts towards a relevant and interested audience. 

For example lets take the suburb of Viveash and let’s suppose you ran a Gourmet Deli.

Viveash is a Perth, Western Australia, eastern suburb in the City of Swan. It was named for Dr. Samuel Waterman Viveash, the 1840s landowner in this area. On the Britomart, which left from Spithead on 3 July 1838 and landed at Fremantle on 5 December 1838, he settled in the Avon Land District. The University of Western Australia Library holds a copy of Viveash’s diaries from 1838 to 1851. Midland Brick created the Viveash suburban area, which was subdivided in 1967 and asked in 1968 that the region be named after Viveash. The key advantage is that it is located directly on the river, with walking paths and grassland that are easily accessible for strolling and providing a wonderful softening touch in an urban region. The grassy reserves, such as Reg Bond Reserve, are a significant component of the region and may consume more space than the housing allowance.

So when posting For example as a “Gourmet Delights Deli,” as your beloved local deli in Viveash, strategically uses geotags and local hashtags on your Instagram posts to target your suburb and those nearby. 

By tagging your location as “Viveash” and including popular local hashtags like #ViveashEats, #ViveashBites, ViveashGourmet and #ViveashFoodies, Your gourmet delights Deli increases it’s visibility among residents in these areas who are seeking quality gourmet products and personalised service. 

This targeted approach helps attract new customers and drive foot traffic to their deli from surrounding suburbs, strengthening their position as a go-to destination for gourmet food enthusiasts in Viveash and its neighbouring areas.

If you need help identifying what to tag. Give us a call. 

A strong social media presence for your Viveash business helps more than you might think

In the competitive realm of local business marketing, maintaining an active online presence via consistent social media posts is imperative for cultivating trust among potential clients. Here’s why:

  • Highlight Your Services: Regular posts provide a platform to showcase your services, programs, and offerings, offering a sneak peek into what your  local business has to offer.

  • Engage Your Audience: Regularly posting demonstrates your dedication to interacting with your audience, whether it’s through responding to inquiries, sharing client testimonials, or participating in discussions about local community topics.

  • Establish Authenticity: Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, practitioner profiles, or stories about your holistic practices helps establish authenticity, portraying your center or brand as a genuine advocate for wellness and lifestyle enhancement.

  • Implement the Art of Storytelling: Storytelling is a crucial step in every brand strategy. It’s an opportunity for you to engage your audience and build a genuine human connection. If you’re a product-based wellness business, you likely provide a transformative experience for your clients. Why not showcase your brand’s real voice by including your audience to give it a more personal touch?

  • Provide Social Validation: Sharing user-generated content, such as client testimonials or transformation stories, provides social validation and builds trust by illustrating real-life experiences and success stories from satisfied clients.

  • Stay Top-of-Mind: Regular posts ensure your wellness center or lifestyle brand remains top-of-mind for potential clients, serving as a gentle reminder of the services and experiences you provide, and encouraging them to engage or recommend your center or brand to others.

  • Foster Community: Engaging with your audience and facilitating conversations around wellness and lifestyle topics fosters a sense of community, making potential clients feel connected to your center or brand and more inclined to trust and support it.

  • Know the rules for your industry: The lifestyle and Wellness industry has some pretty specific rules. Find out more about the guidelines and rules.

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How we help your local Viveash business grow their social media

Our social media marketing services:

  • Social Media Content Calendar 2024: Take the time and research out of your social writing. Full of all the key dates for the year, plus other content ideas, our Social Media Content Inspiration Calendar will enable you to write your captions quickly and easily, and never miss a key date.
  • Instagram Story Highlights Covers: original designs with your input for your Instagram Story Highlight Covers.
  • Instagram Grid Post Templates: We’ll design a range of compelling on brand design templates for your Instagram grid posts, so your grid is looking glam. Our designs are made from scratch in Adobe, then imported into Canva for you to edit and update forever more, for free.
  • Instagram Social Templates: Keep it consistent! We’ll design a range of compelling on brand design templates for your Instagram grid and story posts, plus covers for your Instagram highlights so your ‘Gram is looking glam. 

You don’t have to commit to the financial burden of a full-time social marketing manager in-house to make sure you have an effective marketing strategy. With The Wonder Co joining your business you’ll benefit from drawing on our whole team’s knowledge across branding, social media marketing, and PR disciplines, for less than you would spend on one marketing employee in-house.

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