What Brands Need to Know about Instagram’s Latest Algorithm Update

Meta just dropped a game-changing Instagram algorithm update designed to give more reach to original content and creators, with some major changes to how brands engage with influencers and UGC creators if they don’t want to be penalized.

Here’s the lowdown:

Original Content, Front and Center

Instagram’s on a mission to push your original posts to the top of the pile. That means more eyeballs on original content only, not reposts.

No More Aggregator Overload

Instagram’s cracking down on those copy-and-paste accounts that flood your feed with recycled content. Say goodbye to aggregator accounts hogging the spotlight—they’re getting sidelined from recommendations.

What does this mean for brands?

A new process for working with creators

If you engage influencer and UGC creators (*cough* that should be all brands) and you post the content after the influencers or a UGC creator has already posted it, the post will not be recommended because it’s not an original post, so it will be kept out of the recommended or discovery feed on Instagram.

Watch your reposts each month or be punished by the algorithm

Even more important is that if you repost content 10 times or more a month the algorithm will take your brand’s profile out of the recommended content feed altogether.

Next steps for brands

Any influencer or UGC content will need to be approved prior to posting and only posted via the collaborator tagging feature to avoid any posting of expensive paid content happening prior to it going on the brand’s profile, that way you don’t risk not only losing reach, but also being penalised for posting it again. This means a lot more admin work for in-house social and social agencies.

What we like about the changes

  • This will ultimately drive more original and quality content on the platform. Which is a win for everyone.
  • For brands, this update means tapping into a pool of original and emerging creators who bring unique perspectives and fresh ideas. Which should shine a light on a lot of new authentic and creative voices.
  • Original content tends to spark more engagement and conversation, driving brand visibility and loyalty.

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Written by: Laura Dew.

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