4 Apps You Should be Using to up Your Instagram Story Game

It’s reported that up to 20% of Instagram’s 1 billion user base are browsing stories daily, with the same amount of users posting stories daily (via MediaKix).

Instagram stories have a prime position at the top of a user’s feed, unlike the regular feed posts, which may require some scrolling before users discover it. This might not suit the social media browsing needs of users who may be more time constrained.

If you aren’t posting regular content on your stories, then you could be missing out on a significant amount of reach.

Read through our list below to take a peek at our choices of apps that you could use to up your Instagram story game in 2020!

Stories Edit

If you’re looking for an app that’ll allow your posts to have beautiful layouts, with fun or creative backgrounds, then look no further – Stories Edit has you covered!

The app has a large amount of template categories to suit the various types of content you might share. They even have curated collections with unique aesthetics which feature their own number of similarly themed templates to use.

The best news is that the app is completely free, with no hidden in-app purchases required.

Download it for Apple devices through the App Store here.


If you haven’t hopped on the 3D photo trend yet, then your audience is definitely missing out. Creating a 3D photo involves taking a quick burst of photos that are then merged to create a moving 3D style photo.

The app FILM3D streamlines this process by allowing you to take photos through their unique camera which will then produce the 3D photo for you, which you then export as a GIF or an MP4 video file. 

These 3D photos tend to be more eye catching on the feed, compared to a static image, so it can be a great tool for improving engagement.

The app is free, however features in-app purchases for features such as filters or the removal of the FILM3D watermark.

Currently only available for Apple devices through the App Store here.


If you’ve browsed through the Instagram feed or user stories recently, then you’ve likely seen the grainy, vintage style photos that everyone seems to be using. 

One of the most popular apps that have been used to produce this retro effect is HUJI.

This app’s effects transport you back to the 90’s as they mimic the layout of a disposable camera, allowing you to take photos within the app. However, if you’re looking to retro-fy old photos, then the app also allows you to import photos of your own.

Upon taking or importing a photo, the app then applies its unique filter, and gives you the option to include a unique ‘light leak’ effect.

Download it for Apple devices through the App Store here or for Android through the Google Play Store here.


Last, but certainly not least, the Instagram app itself makes an appearance! The in-built Instagram story camera and editing tools have come a long way from its first inception.

The app has always included its own line of basic filters, however the app now features user made filters and Augmented Reality (AR) filters which can produce fun and creative effects.

To improve audience engagement through your stories, then you must be creating quizzes, polls, music tags, or location tags in the Instagram app itself.

Download it for Apple devices through the App Store here or for Android through the Google Play Store here.

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