Who we are.

Our boutique agency boasts a team of creative professionals who believe in staying curious, being equal parts intelligent and humble, having high standards, and celebrating big results for our clients.

Laura Dew

Managing Director

Having worked in marketing for over 20 years, and in social media marketing since its inception, Laura has a vast depth of local and international marketing experience. Passionate about where marketing and technology meet and the targeting abilities, ROI and data it provides, Laura also has a strong belief in the invaluable importance of the intangible elements of branding. The look, tone of voice and feelings a brand evokes has to be perfect for a brand to be successful.

Courtney Hull

Marketing & PR Specialist

Always the customer’s loudest advocate whilst also wearing the most neutral of wardrobe. When Courtney’s not writing compelling content for our clients, she’s keeping up with the latest trends across all social platforms and reporting on metrics to make sure they’re always trending upwards.

Emily Webber

Social Media Specialist

Emily is the most recent addition to The Wonder Co team. She recently completed her Bachelor of Mass Communications, specialising in Public Relations and Web Media, and has experience in retail fashion management. You’ll find her on the hunt for emerging TikTok or Reel trends and shooting content for our clients just before the trend hits.

Warren McKenzie


Warren’s passionate about creating human-centered design that is both meaningful and impactful. He’s always putting user interaction first, whilst making everything look beautiful. Having a background in both print and web design, he can use the knowledge and principles of both to create cohesive designs that can be translated across multiple platforms.

Saskia Cumming

Marketing Assistant

Saskia is a positive new addition to The Wonder Co team. Beyond exploring the latest social media trends, her infectious smile is often behind the lens, capturing Reel and TikTok content at our clients’ venues. With a major sweet tooth, she’s always trying the newest foodie locations around Perth and eagerly diving into photo shoots to have a bite of the delectable dishes.

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