New Instagram Features in 2023

Instagram have decided to bless us with some new features in 2023. We have outlined them for you so you can best utilise the platform for your brand.

Chronological view

Users have only been begging Instagram for the return of the chronological feed since the colossal switch in 2016. The following feed is now back in order, but Instagram hasn’t stopped there. The platform is now offering a new update that allows users to categorise up to 50 accounts as their ‘favourites’ and uninterruptedly scroll through their content, in a separate feed. Opposed to aimlessly scrolling, we recommend that you utilise the favourites view to track trends and monitor competitors for your clients. Remember to prompt your audience to add your profile to their favourites.

Hacked landing page

2022 saw a massive increase in online security breaches and therefore an influx of Insta-scammers and hacked accounts. The Wonder Co had a lot of new clients come to us with hacked accounts that we had to restore for them. Instagram has now launched a hacked landing page, acting as a one stop shop for all of your account access needs. The page promptly directs users to assistance for a range of issues from two-factor authentication problems to reporting account impersonation. Business owners can rest a little easier knowing that there is now a more streamlined resolution process on the platform, which previously only agencies with Meta Business Partner (like The Wonder Co) could assist with.

Scheduled posts

Instagram is finally launching a scheduling system. In 2023, users with professional accounts will be able to schedule posts up to 75 days in advance, straight from the mobile app. While this doesn’t completely revolutionise the social media scheduling game with many social scheduling software options already, it does make life a little bit easier for smaller businesses using the Instagram app primarily.

Instagram, along with every other social media platform is ever-evolving so we hope this offered some guidance on how to optimise your experience and business through the platform in 2023.

Written by: Emily Webber.

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