Why Podcast Advertising is Effective

We’re currently planning some podcast advertising for a client, so we thought it would be worthwhile sharing the reasons why podcast advertising is so effective.

It doesn’t get much more niche

There are podcasts about everything. Take The Pen Addict for example, which features two buddies, talking about pens and pen-adjacent accessories. Scroll through their five-year-long podcast feed and you’ll see episodes such as ‘fountain vs. ballpoint’ and much more on their obsession with stationery.

When the media is niche, it means you can target a very specific segment of your target market. This is especially useful when you have a target audience who may be hard to reach on other channels, such as Millennials and Gen Z who constitute over 40% and 29% of all podcast downloaders in Australia respectively.

It functions as an endorsement

If you’ve ever listened to podcasts you’ll know that the hosts, who are often celebrities or experts in their field from before their podcast commenced, take great pride in telling their listeners that they only promote products they have personally tried and loved. There are also generally two types of podcasts ads to choose from; live read or pre-produced. The live read ads are read by the host, which gives the effect of an even greater sense of endorsement to the audience.

It’s quite affordable considering how effective it is

Because podcasts and podcast advertising are still somewhat new, with people still in the early adoption phase of this form of media, compared to mass media like TV, it means that podcast advertising is much more affordable than more traditional media such as TV or radio.

It works

Podcast advertising is highly effective in driving brand preference and pushing consumers down the sales funnel from awareness to consideration. Research by Nielson shows that:

  • 70% of respondents exposed to podcast advertising agreed the podcast ad they experienced increased their awareness of new products/services.
  • 62% of listeners correctly recalled the brand advertised in the podcast.
  • 62% of listeners agreed the podcast ad experienced in the study “made me consider new products/services”.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to spend your advertising dollars, get in touch, so we can help you formulate a media plan and/or a marketing plan. In the meantime, here’s some of The Wonder Co’s favourite podcasts to listen to:

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